Annie Wilkes is the yandere for Paul Sheldon in Misery.

Annie Wilkes
Basic Information
Physical description Short brown hair, green eyes
Age Unknown
Species Human
Universe Misery
Yandere Information
Loved one Paul Sheldon
Weapon of choice Unknown
Status Dead
Fate Fell on chainsaw (book), head repeatedly hit (film)

Background Edit

Annie used to work as a nurse. While working there, she murdered several elderly patients and moved onto infants when she was transferred.

Yandere Traits Edit

Annie holds a fierce admiration for Paul and his writing. She has read all of his books and loved every one of them. However, she shows how mentally disturbed she is by violently reacting to his main character's death in his latest book. She forces him to stay longer in her house by breaking both of his legs and makes him write a different book. She at one point shot a police officer when he found Paul in the house. She also plans to kill Paul and herself once the book is complete.