Claude Frollo

Claude Frollo is the yandere of Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Claude Frollo Since his parents' death, he had taken care of his younger brother, Jehan. When he reached his twenties, he joined the church of Notre-Dame where he became archdeacon.

Adaptation Differences Edit

Just about every variation gives Frollo a different story and a different personality. The Disney movie, for example, made him a self-righteous judge who persecutes anyone he believes to be vermin, especially Gypsies. His lustful desire for Esmeralda is ramped up as well, making it more obvious than his original counterpart.

Yandere TraitsEdit

Frollo is obsessed with Esmeralda. He was torn between the church and his unrequited lust for Esmeralda. One night, when she met up with Phoebus, he attempted to kill him. He confronts her in the dungeon and confesses to her, proclaiming that he loves her and that he would do anything for her. When she refuses him, he decides to let her die.


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